1. For a second I thought Ashley Judd merged with her sister Wynona…

  2. Porky Longstocking.

  3. This is hot….in Russia (circa 1980′s)

  4. Ugh…more like Carnie Asada Wilson

  5. Some day somebody’s gonna make you want to turn around and say *BLARRGHH*

  6. Techman

    I guess her name is short for Carnivore?

  7. Just got the planning department to approve the new Claim Jumper.

  8. Jack the stripper

    A never-was and a has-been. But which is which?

  9. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Carnieasauras is more like it

  10. Mar

    Why dont we just accept each other like we are? She have a great voice great group..this is ALL that should matter…

  11. Meh

    Carnie… Big top… So many possibilities.

  12. Ha Ha, I thought Ashley Judd put on a fat suit too.

  13. So the dieting didnt work, the gastric bypass didnt work, whats it gonna take to keep this woman from eating? Sewing her mouth shut?

  14. She looks like Pam from Archer

  15. Why’s she got a lace fan shaped thing on her hand. Fat Carnie, Skinny Carnie, she sings well, and I like her. Now, again, is that a bandaid,and if so, where can I find pretty things such as this to cover up my bo-bo’s?

  16. hoo

    once posed for playboy. Think about it.

  17. cc

    Che Guaverez wasn’t murdered…he went underground as a fat chick. He made one fatal mistake though…he kept the hat.

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