1. Did someone shoot her top out of a t-shirt cannon? Get a steamer, girl.

  2. JC

    I generally don’t like to make fun of her because of that whole car-accident-destroying-her-original-face thing, but Rose, sweetie? Those clothes are 100% your fault. A cut-up high school letterman jacket does not a skirt make.

  3. You can, in fact, have too many dimples.

  4. alex

    JC–I think you’re confusing two stories. Her face was destroyed by horrible plastic surgery. The car accident was when she negligently murdered a pedestrian and paid out the ass to shut the family up and avoid jail time.

  5. MarketingMike

    Her new face lift looks 100% better. Seriously, not kidding.
    I’d hit that all day long…

  6. TheJoaker

    Scream was a LONG time ago…

  7. Cock Dr

    These R the only gigs she gets now. Kinda sad.

  8. She’s fucking hot. And still looks damn good naked.

  9. I think “Romeo Moschino” is ancient Sicilian for “Love my vagina.”

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