1. Hugh G. Rection

    The scary thing is that those pants actually fit. So unless she has her jeans custom made, there must be other women who fit into that size.

    • Jack Ketch

      She does, she so obviously does. There is no standard size that accommodates that much fat (or whatever the fuck) injections. :P

  2. Her ass looks like her tits are trying to escape through the back of her pants

  3. jep

    Aw damnit… do we HAVE to have multiple Kartrashian kunts in a single TCWM?

  4. Walter Peck

    I wonder if there is a niche industry in Hollywood that specifically deals in toilet seat replacement.

  5. How do those little legs hold up those big ole ass cheeks?

  6. Put this on your Cover, VOGUE

  7. I bet she has a hot tub size of a toilet.

  8. Danny DeVito as the Penguin.

  9. Kim Kardashian jeans: now with iPad-sized pockets for your convenience.

  10. Dox

    Congratulations America….
    you made this

  11. $10 says her ass gets stuck in the door.

  12. Little Tongue

    How? Why?

  13. Yes Sir Misser Bruce Power Wash the Ass

    You know she needs help and one of those detachable shower hoses to wash that thing. And Kayne makes her wear leather so often I don’t even want to imagine the smell it accumulates by the end of the day.

    Her poor ass washer(s) deserve hazard pay, someone needs to call OSHA for those poor illiterate Mexican immigrants Bruce hired down by the home depot to choke him in the shower then power spray that thing out.

  14. Helena Handbasket

    moo jeans

  15. Spleen

    Those heals must be made of adamantium

  16. J

    Bitch, we all know you had to butter your thighs just to get those pants on.

  17. Still no fuckin baby. It’s a lie. A lie I tell ya.

  18. I have to wonder why, with all of her resources and given the level of her conceit, Kimmy doesn’t go to a plastic surgeon and have her ass size reduced.

  19. JoJo

    she pays a man 30,000 dollars a year to sew her into her pants

  20. I just threw up in mouth a little.

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