1. instagram gives Alec plenty to worry about

    • Johnny Barbells

      wait… what day was this picture actually taken? was it the 12th? did anyone see alec in harlem that day, receiving a text?

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    What is Alec’s problem? If i was married to someone who could pose like that, I’d never be mad at anybody.

  3. Ruckus

    I can see what’s in her wallet.

  4. She looks like she just let a massive tofu fart.

  5. I must be getting old, because I’m sitting here wondering what the hell ever happened to modesty and decency.

  6. Who took this picture?

  7. Your move Ireland.

  8. “Get a lighter! I´m about to fart!!”

  9. JC

    She’s only able to achieve the more advanced yoga positions when Alec punches her into shape.

  10. She just acting out against her daddy. By daddy I mean Alex.

  11. coljack

    That’s the traditional stance for birthing rude thoughtless little pigs.

  12. youknowit


  13. that’s hot

  14. Mmm… bendy.

  15. MarketingMike

    This is the way things work in Hollywood.

    1. She’s had his daughter, her financial legacy is secure
    2. She’s putting feelers out for something a little younger

    You really didn’t think she was going to stick around did you?
    She had his kid weeks ago, right? The real question is…
    Did she convince him to marry her without a pre-nup?
    I’m guessing yes…

  16. Swearin

    “I want to go there” – Liz Lemon

  17. alex

    This is why Alex always calls her the apex of class and decorum.

  18. MarketingMike

    Instagram Picture Translation:
    I’m tired of this nasty old fucker, now I’m ready to screw the brains out of somebody my own age.

  19. Dox

    Oh ffs, really?
    Wtf is wrong with you people, have some fucking class.

  20. j/k

    It’s now official, the name Baldwin gives me a boner.

  21. Many of her clients would request this position. How do I know she used to hook? No one marries a dirty old drunk unless he has $$.

  22. Her 2015 calendar should be good.

  23. aaah, she takes after her step-daughter, i see.

  24. Margaret

    i’ll take three to go.

  25. Ripley's Believe It Or Not


    No, really, Hilaria ass.


    Stupid god damned fuck slut. So now we live in an era where every “actress” is essentially a porn star from the 80′s (not the 90′s, they’d actually have to take it in the ass). They have no self-respect.

    And honestly speaking, the porn stars from the 80′s were better people all around. Nina Hartley can ice my cake any time of the day.

    • That Bastard Tony

      I’ll give you that on Nina especially in the personality department, but don’t dismiss the ladies of the 90′s, 00′s and the 10′s. Asa Akira’s skills cannot be ignored.

  27. Alec, dump this whore before some other unsuspecting idiot falls into her hole…

  28. That’s a good position for me to lay some pipe on her.

  29. Mrs. Baldwin demonstrates what lands her parts and husbands.

  30. Mama Pinkus

    is it really possible this gal is more narcissistic than her husband?

  31. tlmck

    Methinks Alec married a fame whore.

  32. She proves what many wise men have said in the past…
    Alex asked..
    Will you fuck me for a million dollars..
    Her response
    of course..
    Alex how about for 50 dollars.
    Her response no what kind of girl do you think I am…
    I think we have determined what type of girl you are and are now just haggling over price….

  33. famesandwich

    That’s what they have in common. They both have the ability to stick their head up their own ass.

  34. gigi, equally as bendy...

    nah…. I get that this is suppose to be hot in theory, but it just looks creepy…. think if we saw more of her torso & back it would be sexier — at least there’d be a point of reference… y’all are freaks

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