1. JC

    “And this is the angry face I make when Fish posts political stuff.”

  2. Deacon Jones

    “And this is the face I make when I have to think about something”

  3. cc

    Do they both get to hit him?

  4. “Hmmmmm how many white women have I been with? That’s a tough one….”

  5. CK

    He’s trying to figure out how many people will be in the ring.

  6. “damn…did I really bang Chelsea Handler?”

  7. Alex

    This is the make I face when I’m trying to act police in front of sober.

  8. Tick Tock

    38 trying to act 18

  9. j/k

    “Eeeeew. Dem niggas is kissin!”

  10. bigalkie

    He eats pussy

  11. Zswan

    “Yep, their wangs are definitely touching.”

  12. He got shot nine times, including in the face. I don’t think “dodgers” is a good caption.

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