1. Janene Garofolo looking better than ever. Wait, what do you mean “she’s on the left?”

  2. Fred Garvin

    Title should read: Janeane Garofalo introduces her new sex partner.
    Advice for dog: Place two bags over your head just encase hers falls off.
    Nice tats dip shit.

  3. Mr. Truth

    She probably had that dog because it’s the only thing that will fuck her.

  4. Bucky Barnes

    Dog: “This is the bitch I keep around to make me look pretty.”

  5. ick-abod

    I like Octo-mom’s new tats.

  6. DKNY

    I wonder which one is the bigger bitch.

  7. Mumps

    Perhaps she’s rehearsing for the sequel to “The truth about cats and dogs”

  8. Dweezel

    She looks more than a bit like Ozzy in that shot.

  9. castallare

    You guys, c’mon; haven’t you heard she’s playing Ozzie in a biopic about his years with Sabbath?

  10. just here for the laughs

    She fits right in with all the other homeless…oh, wait. You mean she isn’t REALLY homeless?

  11. I always knew she’d end up homeless.

    Meanwhile, the dog is thinking “god dammit, you said a FAMOUS person was adopting me!!”

  12. cc

    Oh man, she’s so EDGY.

  13. SHump

    Why do homeless people ALWAYS have dogs?!!

  14. rican

    She’s a rebel without a clue

  15. zug

    Libtard bitch.

  16. “Don’t look at his wiener, don’t look at his wiener.”

  17. That dog is totally on acid, man – just look at the pink shit shooting out of its head. Actually, only the dog is real: the rest of the pic is just his trip. Baaaad trip.

  18. NomNom

    Whoever puts sunglasses on their dog is an asshole.

  19. rican

    The dog and his bitch

  20. I hope Ozzie doesnt bite the head off that dog

  21. SuperT

    Hanging out…scoring meth would be more accurate.

  22. They’re on their way to pick up some peanut butter.

  23. fooey


  24. friendlyfires

    Unlike the angry nerds reading this, Janeane is getting some and it’s on a short leash to boot.

  25. tito

    she’s such a shitty actress she’s not even a convincing lesbian.

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