1. Hugh Jass

    She needs help with something about her period? Get this girl a tampon stat!

  2. Satan's bitch


  3. H6E6X6

    She stole the sign from Katie Holmes.

  4. RockyJ

    Girl needs a stylist bad. She’s hot but has no idea what to do with it.

  5. ick-abod

    I think she has enough money to buy a decent marker.

  6. PLEASE put make up on.
    It’s fucked up but it works.
    hello?bikini carwashes r a proven science.

  7. Storm

    That’s why Ryan Phillippe hasn’t impregnated her yet — she gives him a target.

  8. She’d attract more attention if she dressed a little better. Paging miss j…

  9. She wrote too big and couldn’t fit the rest on “Please Help, I need a marker to make a sign and only have a ballpoint pen”

  10. cc

    Please help (free blowjobs!) = massive influx of donations.

    Yes, that’s a double entendre at the end.

  11. lori

    She looks a lot prettier without all the eye makeup.

  12. She should have Ryan Phillipe holding that sign up if she’s going to run around West Hollywood with it. She’ll get a better response. Don’t tell Wanda Sykes I said this, but it’s because WEST HOLLYWOOD IS GAY.

  13. SIN

    All of the homeless in LA and she wants people to give money to Japan? Get your priorities straight.

  14. basti

    Being that she looks like the blonde version of something that wants to crawl out of a television and eat you soul-side out, I’d say all of Japan watched the tape.

  15. Jack

    “This is what my vagina looks like”.

  16. Paully Boston Baby!

    Wait a minute…she is standing w a fucking sign to raise support for Japan??? Did I miss something? Japan needs support? Like child support? Emotional support? What? What Amanda, what? Help for what? I am so utterly confused right now. What about America? America needs help, alot of help Amanda. Why not a sign for America? I guess I gotta Google Japan now and find out whats going on. Does she have a spare change cup, or does she want letters written, what is the context? Does she just want us to go “Oh yeah Japan fucking rocks!!! We love you Japan! Wooo hoooo”. Should we call Japan and see how they are doing maybe? Are we sure she is just not shooting a WW2 movie? The grey Depression Era dress she is wearing suggests so. So maybe I got worked up for nothing. Wait a minute, what a about Syria Amanda. There’s some real shit going on in Syria I think. Eh what the hell celebrity boobs man, no time to talk now Japan. good luck! Amanda has your back.

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