1. H6E6X6

    I knew it was only a matter of time before she got herpies from Russell.

    • Bucky Barnes

      In addition, the fact that he can evidently have nostril sex confirms suspicions regarding the size of Russell’s wiener.

  2. Rissa

    Even with that thing on her face she still looks better than she sounds.

  3. It’s not that we don’t know you’re up there, it’s just that we don’t care. Now show me them titties.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I once got a herpes sore THIS BIG after blowing Russell Brand

  5. Agwings

    I wonder if she wore the matching shoes?

  6. Once she finds the giant shoes and a funny hat the world will be hers.

    Watch out for the flower, boys. It squirts Russell Brand.

  7. Fred Garvin

    My dear, rim jobs while hemorrhoids are in full flare will never be a good idea for you.The British will not clue you in to this for they love to brown nose regardless.
    Good luck with the balance of your 2 minutes.

  8. ick-abod

    I didn’t steal this designer nose, the store lent it to me.

  9. DKNY

    The only way Katy could get anyone to look up at her face.

  10. jlowejd5

    In Peter Jackson’s puppet movie “Meet The Feebles”, the following line is delivered: “Do you really think people will pay to see nasal sex?”. The answer, apparently, is yes.

  11. Tyler Perry

    I love this girl’s tits, but god dammit I can’t stand her stupid faces

  12. Anubis09

    Coming to theaters in 2013, Katy Perry stars in Patch Adams 2: The Patchening.

  13. I can’t even think of anything sarcastic to say about her…she just seems like a fun girl. also, I’d like to give her a Cincinnati bowtie.

  14. cc

    She’s so enthusiastic about deepthroating she has to wear a nose guard? I love her.

  15. Thank her wrist tattoo there was an ass shot to this set of pics. Def love to see her go..

  16. Chris

    She looks like Kathy Griffin.

  17. rican

    Goofy in drag

  18. For the last time, you cannot join us in our reindeer games.

  19. JC

    First Marcia Brady, now Katy Perry? Somebody should take that football away from Greg.

  20. Izzat a face niple?

  21. NomNom

    Balls are meant for her chin. Missed! My bad.

  22. SuperT

    Ahh, the rarely seen chastity nose…

  23. That nose is full of butter. Because she’s a butter face.

    I got nothin’.

  24. tito

    where’s the button that turns it into a paper bag?

  25. c-h

    she’ll guide santa’s sleigh tonight… aw yeah.

  26. That’s to distract people from ‘honking’ other parts, right?

  27. The Proactiv isn’t working.

  28. Sacha

    Oh my god. She’s Kathy Griffin. How the hell did that happen?

  29. boingo

    ugly cunt

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