1. I almost feel sorry for her.

    Who am I kidding? HERPES!!!1 HEPATITIS!!!1!

  2. hepatitis survivor

    You know your career is over when….

  3. “Pamela’s amile faded when she realized that no one wanted to trade their beauty with her…”

  4. *ring ring*
    Boner: “Really? Are you still into this? She’s old and has Hep C?”
    Me: “So, you are finally talking to me again, after that photo of Courtney Stodden?”

  5. Who let her into a beauty fair?

  6. The IRS is a harsh taskmaster.

  7. O How the mighty have fallen…

  8. “Ms. Anderson, we’d like you to endorse a product for us.”
    “Maybe. What’s it called?”
    “The name is Strip-”
    “I’m in.”

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