1. B&WMinstrel

    ‘Quick Draw’ to his friends

  2. hibby

    is he wearing eye makeup or did he just have dialysis?

  3. BP

    Is this the Asian Tim McGraw????

  4. Bob DeNiro is doing a cowboy picture?

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Jeremy Renner… “You stole my look bitch!”

  6. JJ

    Ladies and gentleman, Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine and the Wild, Wild West.”

  7. Sara

    Holy shit he nees to fire his makeup artist STAT

  8. Dr. J

    Morticians are talented make up artists, everyone knows that.

  9. Toe Jam

    “My penis is so tiny now, that it’s like throwing hot dogs down a hall way when I fuck my wife”.

  10. beaddee

    Lots of foundation piled onto that face! Yikes!

  11. No one knows who the fuck he is in London. Except me, who prides myself on going about and saying “I bet you don’t know who the fuck that is! Eh? Eh? Fuck stumps.”

  12. He spun the wheel at that fairground spray tan booth, and it landed on “Jaundice Jubilee”.

  13. Raaaaaaaa

    oh look, it’s “wealthy Peruvian cattle ranch owner” Tim McGraw

  14. So that’s what you’ll see when you look up “Ass Hat” in the dictionary…

  15. Jenn

    Simpson yellow isn’t the right shade with that coat.

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