1. Da Hib

    do these douche sunglasses and fourteen year old emo makeup make me look fat?

  2. I give him a +1 for a fresh, creative take on the classic “bitch, *please*” look.

  3. Beltliner

    I’m reminded of nothing so much as Michael Jackson’s mugshot here.

  4. well hes rich enough to afford a paint-on jaw.
    but what about regular working people that can only afford a plastic surgeons neck lift?

  5. BP

    This freak makes Boy George look normal!

  6. Walking Dead career.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m suddenly in favor of Drone attacks on American targets.

  8. CrashHell

    Satan’s version of Elton John…No wait, that’s just Elton John. Whoops!

  9. Initially I thought this was Rumor Willis.

  10. Visible Ink

    You just can’t get that wholesome family atmosphere at the premier of a movie about young girls in bikinis without a creepy pervert.

  11. Give it up Brian. Even KISS gave up their ridiculous make up at some point.

  12. Boobooloo

    He’s going for the kabuki Howard Stern look.

  13. The Ass Clown is the only type of clown that doesn’t terrify me to the point of wetting my undies. In fact, it’s the only clown that actually makes people laugh.

  14. LilDeuceDeuce

    Powder ain’t looking so good these days.

  15. Is there a vampire scene in this movie? If so maybe I will go.

  16. Yoda Mann

    Madonna’s looking good!

  17. Shortly after this picture was taken, the villagers grabbed their torches and pitchforks and chased him back into Frankenstein castle.

  18. Vlad

    Andrew Dice Clay finally died!

  19. journalschism

    By Grabthar’s Hammer…what an asshole.

  20. beaddee

    Wow! He is lookin a bit like how Lil Wayne must be feeling right about now!

  21. This is amazing, not to mention an incredible coincidence: someone I hate almost as much as I hate Donald Trump.

  22. AnnaD.

    Aging rock stars have 2 options unless they want to turn into running jokes: either quit the freak show look, or tone it down offstage.
    MM needs to grow up already.

  23. This isn’t even a good look for a young person, but when Grandpa Munster here tries to keep it going the results are really, really sad. And this goes for you, too, Robert Smith!

  24. Kitty

    I take it he was in a hurry that day when he put his make up on?

  25. Jenn

    Is that mime makeup? That means no more singing, right? Yes!

  26. Mr. Mackey south park elementary

    Drugs are bad m’kay

  27. Cookie

    This is scary as hell!!! I guess Halloween came early this yr!!

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