1. Ms. Shriver calmly explains, yet again, who she is and why she can’t provide juicy anecdotes from “Suddenly Susan.”

  2. Little Tongue

    ” What an excellent day for an exorcism! “

  3. why not

    channeling her inner Predator.

  4. “Where’s the maid? Where’s the maid? It was non stop.”

  5. “And then He-Man shows up out of nowhere and I’m all like, “Yo, Beast-Man! What the hell am I paying you for? I said this was a private party! Residents of Snake Mountain only!! I’m telling you, it is so hard to find good henchmen these days.”

  6. MFer

    Damn. Normally I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery/ botox/ etc. but in this case… I don’t know, seems almost necessary.
    Then again, maybe the horrifying nature of her face is a result of plastic surgery and/or botox… hmmmm.

  7. Mike701

    This week on Tales from the Crypt…

  8. meeps!


  9. Toe Jam

    …aka, Skeletor.

  10. your mom

    I had no idea she was a Scientologist!

  11. Fingergod

    “…and Arnold tells everyone it’s THIS long. Pfffffttt, yeah right!”

  12. journalschism


  13. “Let me tell you something…Death by Chocolate is not just a consensual gang bang between me and room full of horny black teenagers, it’s a dessert!… Both totally worth it!”

  14. “Last night I drained the life force out of a baby this big!”

  15. “Karras…your mother sacks Cokes in hell…”

  16. Jenn

    So, finally I got fed up with Tiny Arnie’s cheating and told him, I’m going out to find a real man and his dick’s gonna be this big!

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