1. I’d rather look at JNL.

  2. mnsuperbee

    Best I’ve seen Lindsey Lohan look in a while

  3. calculator boy

    Tits: 10

    Face: -12

    Balance: -2

  4. Can we all chip in the get her a nice gas oven so she can stick her head in it?

  5. Well, at least she doesn’t look crazy.

  6. She looks like an albino version of Snooki.

  7. meeps!


  8. The ratty blonde “hair” and red lipstick do nothing for her. Totally disgusting and about as sexy as a used discarded condom. Stop already, she’s a total insult to everyone. Trash.

  9. Joe Tam

    Boobs are saying yes, but the face is saying no.

  10. This person always looks the same…is she even alive or does someone drop by periodically just to change her clothes and balance her on a street corner?

  11. cc

    October 31st, already?!

  12. Brutus


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