1. Thats what happens when you and the skarsgaard are in the same Gallery.

  2. Swearin

    I just hope that kid doesn’t end up in one of his dad’s movies…

  3. Well played Photoboy, well played. ha ha ha

  4. Borat put another baby in her? Zut Alors!

  5. malaka

    totally happy for them and insanely jealous all at the same time.

  6. I love how basically almost none of you all figured out this is a fake belly for a movie despite the caption stating that she is on a film set.

  7. “Yeah, come out here, and fuck me in the middle of the road. You better hurry. Not much longer before this hell baby rips up my lady taco.”

  8. It looks like she’s pregnant with Borat’s agent.

  9. She looks pregnant for real. She’s got the pregnant boobs. And I totally would. Pregnant or not.

  10. buzz

    Perspective is a bitch here. The back tire of that muscle car looks huge in comparison to her.

    Isla’s still the hottest redhead around.

  11. Wish that fat chick wasn’t in the way, that is a sweet Buick Skylark

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