1. If you squint your eyes it looks like the jacket is just floating there.

  2. joe

    Still trying to get righteous.

  3. IRS lent him the clothes?

  4. JimBB

    Hey, everyone remember that Rocky movie I was in where I fought Rocky in the future?

  5. biff

    two things you should know about Mr Snipes. He don’t pay his taxes and he don’t look in the mirror before leaving the house

  6. Juch

    “Hey Wesley, got any tips for tax season?”
    “Aww, hey fuck you man . . . ”
    “You sound tired, Mr. Snipes, was the show kind of taxing?”
    “Shutup, okay?”
    “You know, if acting doesn’t work out, maybe you could take up taxidermy!”
    “Goddamnit . . .”

  7. poor guy. worst work release assignment ever.

  8. Amazing what kind of ensemble you can pick up at Goodwill.

  9. Dude , wrong opening, the Huggy Bear look is down the street at the Starsky and Hutch theatre.

  10. And yet, no comment on the necklace?

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