1. She’s sort of like if the 9th cutest girl at my high school had really big boobs.

  2. Randal

    cant believe people are obsessed with her.. she looks like a real life miss piggy with horse teeth and boobs..

  3. She’s one of those girls who hopefully will never start talking about boob reduction because of back problem, cause, frankly, that’s all she really got going for her.

  4. What the hell is she doing with my uncle Boris?

  5. Inner Retard

    The one talent she has and covers it up.

  6. Would fuck her so hard if she’d just have that restraining order lifted.

  7. I bet when she’s flat on her back naked, those boobs kind of spill into her arm pits. But, in the best way that I could possibly image. *wipes down keyboard*

    • One would think. But she’s very young. You might still have a couple of years where they stand up somewhat firmly. And if that’s the case I can’t imagine the sight. It would be like staring at a white dwarf going supernova in front of you. A sight mortal eyes can barely capture.

  8. She looks great here.

  9. buzz

    Just do yourselves a favor and never google “Kate Upton close up moustache” images.

    What you see cannot be unseen and I swear I can see it in every pic of her since.

  10. NOT a flattering dress, thats made for a B cup 15 year old honey

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