1. joe

    Gottfried should have never made that crack about the tsunami.

  2. “Now look-a-here, Mr. Bat-a-man. You no scratcha-a my car when you park-a my car!”

  3. kevolution


  4. JimBB

    Bro…why is my car scratched? You scratch it, bro?

  5. “You can keep the tip if you promise to quit playing Batman”

  6. Ben: “Here’s a money tip, and a movie tip: Don’t watch Gigli. Comprende?”

  7. Pretty clear why they pushed back the release date of Batman vs. Superman a year.

  8. TheJoaker

    Dis how… I can’t do it.

  9. Vlad

    Here’s your valet ticket Fatman.

    Uh, it’s BATman, actually.

    Yeah, whatever.

  10. “Dude, sorry, I don’t have any cash, but NO, you can’t have my car keys in lieu of a tip.”

  11. TheKing

    Fatman Begins

  12. buzz

    No Fox Industries cowl is going to hide that second chin.

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