1. joe

    Boneless, skin-on chicken breasts always taste the best.

  2. Little Tongue

    Do you smell the stench?

  3. anonymous

    Why did they photoshop her head so small?

  4. I’d bok that for a dollar!

  5. Dis how chicken get me erect.

  6. Dis how chicken got green card.

  7. dude

    This looks like it should be a perfume ad.

    Created by Krupa. Approved by Glanville.

  8. oldfool

    She spit the hook out.

  9. Guess she’s a fan of a lactating Doutzen Kroes.

  10. Cock Dr

    This flirtation is nice and all but I’m ready to see the main event…the sex tape of her ravishing the husband AKA pool boy AKA Meat Man. Let’s hope those damn dogs were locked up before they started recording, that would ruin it for me.

  11. Sweet chocolate Jesus. That’s a bit of alright.

  12. She’s fucking perfect.

  13. anonym

    photoshopped to fuck

  14. Jenn

    A breast, wing, and thigh, fried extra golden and crispy. I’m just glad she’s not flashing the tackle box.

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