1. You can tell she’s an experience model.
    Some hobo starts masturbating right next to her and she doesn’t even bat an eye…

    • Well I did explain it was that way because of her and asked for her assistance before just taking care of it myself while asking her not to move….

  2. If my GF wore this on a regular basis those subtle hints of engagement would not be ignored. No she doesn’t look like Alessandra Ambrosio but she’s a keeper.

  3. meeps!

    Yes, please.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    The Beebz is 2 seconds away from squeezing that boob.

  5. “Haha, can you believe how fat these mannequins are?”

  6. Yes Ale, we can see your new implants.

  7. “Ale…the clothing of side boob hookers, and masterbating hobos”

  8. kevolution

    Her sideboob is better than most chicks’ full boob.

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