1. Didn’t think I’d say it, but this just keeps getting worse.

  2. The Dude

    A Kardashian in 5 years. ANY one of them.

  3. The freshly dipped in Crisco with coke bloat look. Very trendy right now.

  4. joe

    She steal the fucking carpet from Hefner’s love dungeon? Jesus.

  5. She’s pregnant and smoking? Whatever, if she gets a match close to that fry grease on her face she might just burn ?

  6. Hanging outside with the rest of the loser smokers.

  7. meeps!

    Why is he so mad?

  8. Schadenfreude

    It’s like James Woods in drag. Kill it with fire!

  9. Did someone microwave a David Lebo?

  10. Colin

    Dude looks like a lady. (This is Steven Tyler, right?)

  11. “Miss, please…this area is for guests only.”

  12. Heroin: It does a body good.

  13. tobi

    Steven Tyler heading to Bruce Jenner’s latest party

  14. Looks like a 140 pounds of chewed gum wrapped in a 70′s waterbed bedspread.

  15. ultra

    That, that dude looks like a lady

  16. JimBB

    The Chateau Marmont, where rooms are $800/night, not including minibar, room service, or needle exchange

  17. is she dying of salmonella?

  18. I don’t know how old she is, but she should have called it quits at 27.

  19. That’s a man, baby!

  20. coljack

    If she’s trying to punish everyone who jerked it to her naked pictures, it’s working.

  21. The Shaman told me my spirit animal wasn’t real but here it is in a photo.

  22. Juliette Lewis in blue velvet…my dream come true.

  23. GiovanniDuece

    Holy Crap!! Is Steven Tyler wearing velvet now?

  24. They comp her room or she starts throwing used tampons at the staff.

  25. Jenn

    She needs to speak with some knowledgable black folks. They’ll let her know that Afro Sheen goes on the hair, not the face. That dress can go too. Ugh.

  26. she doesnt look like a man, not sure why people are saying that…she just looks fuckin busted as HELL…like wtf is she doing with herself? super sad

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