1. Looks like they both have had a lot or practice opening their mouths up wide. I like that in a woman.

  2. In every movie, it’s said that actors and actresses take away something new, knowledge about oneself, knowledge about the world, new insights into new cultures, new skills…tell me, what did you both learn on the set of Spring Breakers?

  3. Selena is definitely not impressed, Vanessa not so much.

  4. Jim

    They would make good blow up dolls

  5. cc

    Okay, maybe it’s not Jon Hamm but someone the next size up.

  6. k now- both of u pretend ur kim kardashian.

  7. Georgio

    Miss Teen Deleware auditions!

  8. Skeeter

    I’d let one of them sit on my face while the other rides me.

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