1. Dude, take a look, Mila just sexted me.

    *entire readership of the Superficial pukes*

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “So that’s Demi Moore’s vagina, huh? Um . . . why do you still have that on your phone?”

  3. oldfool

    “And here’s a close up of Mila’s Kunis.”

  4. Buffalo Chips

    Oh, you’ll like her. Let me see if I have her number. Ashley… Jessica… Katy… Lisa… Mila… Who?! Oh, yeah…. Nicole…

  5. Ashton: “Here’s the sex tape me and Mila made last night.”

    Random dude: “I fucking hate you with all of my heart and soul”

    Ashton: “I know and couldn’t give less of a fuck. I’m rich and fucking Mila Kunis! “

  6. DeucePickle

    “Sure, you can have my number, let me put it in your phone for you, Tracy Morgan.”

  7. Cock Dr

    He shaves a lot more these days. That’s something at least.

  8. Deacon Jones

    “Kayne keeps sending me pics of his junk”

    “Damn, dat’s small”

  9. “Here’s a picture of me fucking your Gramma. My bad. That’s Demi.”

  10. Phoenix

    Even Spike Lee wants to see those pictures of Mila.

  11. “sheeit man…is that really her bush?”
    “yep, that’s why I had to go”

  12. cc

    With a deadpan look like that, I can tell what he’s not looking at …Mila Kunis’ ass.

  13. (texting) Black guy gave me his urine sample at Laker game. #awkward

  14. this pic has so much potential for funny

  15. Hey, HipHop :).. it’s Dems. Did you get the tickets to the hoopball game i left for you? I remember when that was all orange groves! Anyways… crazy night for me….early bird at Golden Corral with the girls and then some bingo… yay ! I’m doing all sorts of crazy stuff nowadays, we should totally hangout. Call me on my landline, the numbers klondike 5….

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