1. dontkillthemessenger

    Obviously reminds them of the last time they saw Kristen Stewart.

  2. TheGenYgirl

    I guess the advantage of skipping high school to be a Disney star is that these dopey experiments that teachers trot out every year are still exciting. Disadvantages include loss of soul and eventual evolution into an addict who turns tricks.

  3. asdf

    Jesus. These people never close their goddamn mouths.

  4. Cock Dr

    Their agents told them that yeah it’s a Spanish language show but they’ll love you. Just look happy and amazed at anything they throw at you.
    Well done.
    I would have chosen a different dress for Nessie but they are both quite fetching young women.

  5. My Spanish sucks, but I’m guessing “El Hormiguero” means “basic science experiments done in evening wear with your mouth open.”

  6. cc

    They are both astonished by the latest invention…ice.

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