1. It looks like he landed in the nest this time.

  2. That flight attendant’s facial expression says it all.

  3. Minky Wail

    The French may love Jerry Lewis, but Jack’s “Glavin” needs some work.

  4. Uncomfortable Asian lady for the win!

  5. “How you rike dat? HOW YOU RIKE DAT?!”

  6. Buffalo Chips

    Jennifer Lawrence gave me some awesome weed last night. Did I mention she has a great ass.

  7. Cock Dr

    Kudos for not doing a combover. That head is way beyond those kind of petty contrivances.

  8. BP

    How is this guy not dead yet? On the Oscars he looked like he was 4 feet tall! Still, he is a living legend!

  9. “Allo, Guv’ner. Spare a tuppence for a nice cup ‘o tea then?

  10. k back away… slowly…

  11. LLBL

    “I can put it on my Fucking Self thank you!!”

  12. Not Pictured: Susan Sarandon eating a cherry.

  13. “Excuse me madam, but the toilets in this restroom do not flush.”
    “That’s a potted plant Mr. Nicholson,”

  14. “Really, I’m only a few years older than you…let’s go to my hotel room and I’ll prove it.”

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