1. Schweddy Snatch

    No amount of love in my heart is strong enough to keep me from knocking that cap off his fucking head.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s just 2 watches and some hat spikes away from achieving total douchery.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Take that damned thing off or let go of my hand.”

  4. I usually think he’s pretty cool, but he looks like a complete asshole here. Fix that fucking hat.

  5. Move stars or average douchbags from Dubuque?

  6. Buffalo Chips

    He must have nailed the audition for Lennie Of Mice and Men.

  7. When you wear your hat liek that you lose points in something.

  8. This is a Harlem Shake still, right?

  9. “C’mon, baby…It looked good on Justin Beiber.”

  10. Mel

    Kevin Federline

  11. Special Ed Mike?

  12. cc

    Dear Simpletons,

    I am sorry for lumping you in with the same class as Channing Tatum.



  13. zeppelin

    never go full retard

  14. JRob

    Pauly D?

  15. jr

    “Sloth love Chunk!”

  16. LLBL

    “Hey Babe, Can We Go Get Some NACHos?”

  17. Absolutely do not get the appeal of this idiot.

  18. Swearin

    Ya know that power couple in high school, usually the quarterback and the head cheerleader, who ends up getting preggers on prom night then never leave their home town, but the wife still thinks she can have the good life full of expensive things while the husband just gets douchier as he tries to relive his former glory?

    That would be these two if he hadn’t gotten lucky in Hollywood.

  19. Wow, Corky. I guess life DOES go on…

  20. “The cap’s on straight, but I was born with my head facing the wrong way.”

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