1. He’s waiting for The Eagles to land so he can beat the shit out of them.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Guy Fawkes has aged.

  3. Flynn Lives!

  4. oldfool

    Prepping for his starring role in “The Col. Sanders Story.”

  5. That cameltoe really ties the look together.

  6. Fuck it, I’m going bowling.

  7. “I want a clear picture of the driver on the right. He’s the one that convinced me Tron 2 was a good idea.”

  8. I assume in his next role he will be playing the Prince of Darkness

  9. cc

    Geez, he rents cars at Enterprise? Talk about cheap.

  10. Remake of Man of LaMancha Bridges = Don Quixote?

  11. Wait a minute, if he rented with Enterprise – aren’t they supposed to pick you up?

  12. “Okay, so take the picture of me in the Hyundai once I get in. Then people will think that just because I do their commercials, it’s what I actually drive.”

  13. Jeff Bridges: Can you take my picture?
    Lady: Sure
    Jeff Bridges: Great! I never learned how to use this camera.

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