1. dontkillthemessenger

    Even after 3.5 years of rotting, Michael’s carcass is still the most talented Jackson.

  2. oldfool

    Opening act–The Pips.

  3. This is just sad.

  4. contusion

    Hey Tito, I’m going to wear a kilt! Just like the Scottish people! They’ll love it!

  5. contusion

    Hey guys…beat it.

  6. And from the silent audience, a lone voice cried, “Sit down and play your brother’s music videos, for pity’s sake!”

  7. I, I, I just don’t know what to say. Wow.

  8. cc

    At least they’re still black.

  9. Front Row tickets…got em right here…I’ll pay you $50 to take them

  10. How did they get the gig? Perhaps the knee pads………

  11. I wonder if the one wife they all share and impregnate was in attendance?

  12. Rufus

    Hmmm. One of them is a JackSUN so ..doesn’t that mess up the band name a bit?

  13. Photo Boy, I love you, but this is like the fifth spelling variation of “Glasgow” you’ve given us over the years.

    Enjoy your week off.

  14. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    “Just pleat it, pleat it, pleat it, pleat it
    Get your tartan fabric then pleat it
    Show them your skirt cause it won’t hurt
    To know it takes no balls to pass on overalls
    Just pleat it, pleat it, pleat it”

  15. “Welcome…this is RIBBER DANCE!”

  16. John Travolta

    Evolution of the black lady…

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