1. CrashHell

    Pack o’ Red Apples…You lookin’ at somthin’ friend?

  2. DingDongImYourKingKong

    C’mon baby, come ta’ papa, I’ll kiss ya’ fuckin’ dalmatian.

  3. Go ahead and smoke, baby. You don’t have much to look forward to in life anyway. What’s a little cancer to you?

  4. Might as well smell as bad as you look

  5. sexyman48

    “And if you lose we eats it whole.”

  6. contusion

    Will work for a proper name. God bless.

  7. “She inhaled deeply, letting the smoke swirl inside her lungs. The sudden rush of nicotine lightened her mood, and she began to smile. Soon, the Mercedes would take the pain away, and it would all be over, for everybody. In this final moment, she was, at last, happy.”

  8. With a jaw like that she should consider MMA fighting.

  9. cc

    Where’s her Tim Horton’s cup?

  10. cc

    It’s a Good Day to Beg Hard

  11. Damn it, now I’m really feeling nostalgic for that cartoon Gargoyles.

  12. Smoking is very glamorous

  13. Looks like she’s taking a smoke break from trolling for johns. It’s a union issue.

  14. From this angle, she looks like Ozzy could be her father.

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