1. Yes, officer…THAT’S the one! That’s definitely the one!

  2. Kat, the cops can still see you…

  3. Worst camouflage ever.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    You do realize the Benefit Concert was for him, right?

    Keep Katt off the streets.
    Keep Katt off of crack.
    Keep Katt off of death row.

    One of them will apply in the next few months.

  5. This motherfucker isnt locked up yet??

  6. Something is missing from my porch….

  7. Did he just spot someone from Target?

  8. He can be funny as hell.

    Kids! Stay off of (lots) of drugs!

  9. cc

    Demonstrating what he learned from Chris Brown.

  10. You forgot to identify Manti Te’o's girlfriend on the left. (We’re still making this joke, right?)

  11. corkyst.clair

    Wonder how many crackers will call him a n****r at this event. It happens at absolutely everywhere he goes every day.

  12. whatup

    I don’t know what Katt’s problem is, but Lennay looks stunning as usual

  13. If being an asshole was a crime this guy would be on death row.

  14. wow, cannot believe this little bundle of batshit crazy got invited somewhere! oh, never mind…….

  15. tlmck

    “Ready, Aim, Fire!!!”

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