1. Wow. This is surprising. Almost didn’t even recognize her. She looks good. And happy. Never thought I would say that about Tara Reid. Good job. Keep it up.

  2. I’m surprised there aren’t peperoni stains seeping through that blouse

  3. Nice flapjacks. Did she get her cantaloupes removed?

  4. Satan's Right Hand

    It’s when she cleans up like this that she is able to lure in unsuspecting victims.

  5. BP

    Why are both of her boobs covered? WTF!

  6. itsthekeri

    What the fuck is going on with her back teeth?

  7. Great photo. Major props to whoever photoshopped out the bottle of Beefeater and the Chesterfield.

  8. cc

    Nice bridgework. Way to go, dental surgeon!

  9. corkyst.clair

    Vanguard,. Your face replacement headquarters.

  10. Reverend Leroy

    well, she looks better than lilo…

  11. Emma Watson's Vagina

    flap flap flap

  12. journalschism

    Even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then.

  13. Just Sayin'

    It must be nice to not wear a bra every now and then. Sort of reminds me of why young men change over from whitey-tighties to boxers. Lets a little air in there. I would love to blow on those mounds if she would stay sobber. But, most addicts don’t, sorry to say. Yet, in this one moment, she looks good!

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