1. Wasn’t she 8 months pregnant five days ago?

  2. dark matter

    her knees look like ashy Larry’s elbows

  3. Ashy knees are a side effect of always being on them. Invest in some knee pads and some moisturizer.

  4. peanut

    ^^that’s a good girl.

  5. Judging by her knees, she just came back from an audition.

  6. What’s with her posture? Did her spine get all bent from those years of twisting the other way while Hef spurted?

  7. When did the Army start issuing skorts?

  8. corkyst.clair

    It must be just kinda chilly out.Or one boob’s awake and one’s not.

  9. weren’t her 15 minutes up like 5 years ago?

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