1. dontkillthemessenger

    I was going to type something, but I think my parole officer just knocked on my door.

  2. Two beautiful ladies.

  3. Oh hi Chris Hansen. You do international calls too?

  4. fingerscrossed

    Just compare this with what Noah Cyrus wore to her 13th.
    Maybe there’s still hope America!

  5. Satan's Right Hand

    Is having a wonk eye the new thing in Hollywood?

  6. “I’ll have the pedo sandwich.”

  7. cc

    Um, so how old is Chloe again?

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Christ. There’s another Madonna on the way!

  9. tlmck

    By the time she is18 or 19, Miss Chloe is going to look a lot like Miranda Kerr.

  10. Not invited… Roman Polanski.

  11. How sweet of Sarah to bring her mentally handicapped friend!

  12. M3

    15 and 22, that equals out, right?

  13. yeah, the nice blue dress and the black leather jacket combo is pretty classy.. *sigh*

  14. “But Your Honor, if you average their ages out, they’re both legal. That’s why I did them both.”

  15. Just Sayin'

    Which one is 22 and which one is 15? Know you know why it is so hard for pedifiles to guess the age of their victims, and why men go to jail when a girl says she is 19 but not. Either way, isn’t one of them too old to be attending a Teen’s Magazine event? Last time I checked, 22 wasn’t a teenager any more. And, who would want to pretend they are once they became an adult at 21? Makes me wonder!

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