1. What color are the enormous clown shoes, I can only assume, that she is wearing?

  2. karlito

    the bags are packed so is she taking a trip to crazy town. love the hair and the baggy pink clown pants. it suits HIM.

  3. Matt Lauer

    On the plus side, she didn’t have to pack a rape whistle.

  4. Bob

    I’m not sure I understand the look Bieber is going for- what? Wrong lesbian? My bad.

  5. Justin Beiber after his career has ended and he’s gone bankrupt.

  6. How does she make money now that she no longer is able to sell Lindsay’s whereabouts to the paps? “DJ”…what a lame occupation…and she isn’t even very good at *that*.

  7. Toe Jam

    PSA: Dont drink unicorn piss.

  8. flaT

    That young man has done way too much meth.

  9. Jentilly

    And yet she still looks better than Lindsay

    • I think this is the only person in North America who doesn’t look better than Lindsay. And as fucked up as Lindsay is, I can’t believe she let this creature near her female equipment.

  10. If she sat down next to me on a plane, I would have to ask for a barf bag instead of peanuts.

  11. corkyst.clair

    I hate to say it but maybe she needs Lindsay back. That’s some sad sad shiz.

  12. She’s such a delicate flower.

  13. you gotta admit that her particular level of ‘don’t give a fuck’ is getting downright disturbing.

  14. I didn’t know she had a cameo on The Walking Dead!

  15. Kids :this is your body after eating LL out. Stay the fuck away. It’s more dangerous than first believed. Stick with meth or dope or something. Not the fire crotch.

  16. Contusion

    Apparently she just grabs a handful of Manic Panic and glops it on wherever she can reach, does it again with a second color and…VOILA!…good to go!

  17. the wrecker

    the doomed and dull children of the vacuous rich are never to be envied.

  18. Just Sayin'

    At first, I thought she was a male. Then after reading some of the comments, I thought she was a post operative transgendered person. But, you all say she is just a dike? Who would have thought?

    I mean, you would have to be high to even consider something like this under your skirt or sheets! Never to see her face! And, being drunk at the same time probablly would not hurt either. after all, the uglyist men will go home with the uglyist women when it is closing time at your local dive, now won’t they? Just proves what alcohole will do for your looks and your vision.

  19. bitchy

    This guy looks bad.

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