1. FattyFatty2X4

    Quinton doesn’t have a Blind Side anymore!

  2. Quinton’s “Blind Side” is now anything below his man boobs.

  3. Did he eat his white family? Is that what happened?

  4. farrellthib

    told you bitches i had a bentley

  5. Ice Tea and Coco couldn’t make it tonight, so they sent us instead. Autograph? Anyone? Anyone?

  6. Chris Christie

    Lard, have mercy!

  7. I didn’t know they moved the porn convention to LA.

  8. Cock Dr

    You gotta admit he did a good job keeping eyes forward…at least long enough for the photo op.

  9. DeucePickle

    Ya done messed up A.A. ron

  10. Satan's Right Hand

    These new sex dolls get more realistic with each passing day

  11. Toe Jam

    Cedric the Entertainer motorboats clown tits – News at 11.

  12. Johnny P!

    Jenna actually weighs 850 lbs. herself, but she chooses who she poses with veeerrrryyyy wisely.

  13. Hey, it’s the fat black guy from “Face Off”

  14. Too bad he had to go crazy and start shooting all those cops.

  15. cc

    His blind side is about 270 degrees.

  16. Sadly, no one told Quinton Aaron that you’re not supposed to star in the porn version of your own movie.

  17. corkyst.clair

    I guess their invitations were pretty specific about having an all you can eat buffet and all you can shoot up heroine bar.

  18. who are these people? I can smell her desperation from here. And it’s pretty fuckin atrocious.

  19. It totally looks like she has to pee.

  20. Someone ought to tell the woman she’s popping out of her dainty top, thar.

  21. There’s nothing as attractive as a great, natural pair of implants!

  22. Contusion

    I’ve never seen so much stuffed into so little.

  23. bitchy

    The Klumps rent a hooker.

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