1. Smapdi

    Looks like an extra from an old Star Trek episode.

  2. Thank you, pokie fairy.

  3. Little known fact: All of Ms. Hough’s assistants are required to walk eight feet behind her and carry Purell, a Barbie doll, and a syringe.

  4. Is she wearing a lamp shade ?

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Getting a shorter haircut is step 1 of getting Ryan Seacrest to want you more.

    Step 3, getting rid of the vagina, is certainly trickier.

  6. “I’m a Barbie girl! In a Barbie world!”…her Ken doesn’t have a penis either!

  7. Satan's Right Hand


  8. Groovy, baby, yea ! Nice legs…what time do they open?

  9. broduh jenner

    there’s going to be a scooby doo reunion?!!

  10. Lilac

    what is extra at the grove ?

  11. cc

    With any luck…no panties.

  12. corkyst.clair

    That dress makes me wanna jump jump!

  13. She’s hot..even if she’s dressed like a 1970s stewardess.

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