1. If we ever see a Craigslist add that says, “Can squat down to dick level in stripper heels, and there’s somewhere to set your beer,” we’ll know who it’s from.

  2. Egg McMuffin

    God. What a fat, disgusting slob.

  3. I like the green oil drum provided for scale.

  4. Def Jam

    Proof, her ass has its own gravity field.

  5. Some ass and a drink? She’s so considerate.

  6. Jade

    She looks like she’s squatting to poop.

  7. ThisWillHurt

    Between Coco and Mama June earlier, Mountain Dew can’t be doing well.

  8. crb

    “And now ladies and gentlemen, (and by ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’, I mean ‘hos’ & ‘pimps’) I will now open this beer; -NO HANDS! GUURRNNNNNNDDGGHHGAAAHH!!!”

  9. Ronaldo

    Ohhhh, thats what she is good for.

  10. There’s enough room there for a 24 pack.

  11. I think my girlfriend would approve of this nightstand.

  12. Dox

    Finally… Coco had realize her life long dream of being a piece of furniture.

  13. Gin&Tonic

    I’m going to have to ask my magic 8 balls on this one:
    “In 2 years time (3 tops) this is going to be Kim Kardashian. Kim’s going to start freaking out over the fact that noonce gives a shit anymore about her plastic cottage cheese self that she starts taking thong beer-can selfies on instagram while Kanye West lounges in the background reading Businessweek ala Spencer Pratt and the inflatable Mrs.
    Meanwhile Coco will have been deposed as the queen of Thirsy Selfies and will be relegated to hardcore porn with Lindsay Lohan and whatever parts of Farah Abrahams haven’t fallen off by 2016.”
    The magic 8 balls has spoken.

  14. She still looks like if I poked her with a pin, she’d burst. Or leak. Or both.

  15. navvet75

    Looks like she could pick up a lot of pesos with that ass alone. New Jolos bar Subic Bay

  16. If there is a website dedicated to women I want to fuck/roll up in a carpet and throw out of a window, CoCo is a stone-cold ALL STAR.

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