1. How did you guys get a camera into Jonah Hill’s dreams?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Why do I get the feeling Misery 2 will begin with Leo tied to Jonah’s bed?

  3. “I’m soooo having Leo put that into my ass later..”

  4. Even while sharing the stage with the great Martin Scorsese, Jonah can’t tear his adoring eyes off his beloved Leo.

  5. George P. Burdell

    “Did you really let a guy out blow you, Leo. I though we had a special relationship. You said I was the only guy whose mouth had the right super model shape. O, why Leo? Why!!!

    Are you coming back to my dressing room later?”

  6. Jonah got an award too, but he ate it, thinking it was made out of chocolate.

  7. Lord Helmet

    As a precaution Jonah Hill was not awarded a statue because he might put it in his pants trying to impress Leo.

  8. “just a few inches lower, and I’ll be touching his ass… c’mon Leo, just a sign, one sign – look at me goddamit! You know you want it!”

  9. “I wish he’d cup me like that…”

  10. Dox

    One of these things is not like the other….
    One of these things… doesn’t belong.

  11. ‘It’s so soft, Leo. Like a smooth, soft little bunny, Leo. Like the silken belly of a newborn babe, Leo …”

  12. “Goddamn it Scorsese, he keeps grabbing my ass at all these events”

  13. alexxx3488

    “Leo, if you feel something pressing up against your asshole, it’s just my press pass!”
    ‘But, Jonah, we didn’t need press passes at this event…’

  14. fred

    “. . . and, oh yeah, Jonah was there too everybody.”

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