1. Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…

  2. Tell me, Ms. Anderson…what good is wearing a low-cut dress… if you’re unable to display the goods properly?

  3. it’s like her boobs are magnets…but not the kind that attract.

  4. Jade

    How ironic: those boobs in that dress at a fashion show.

  5. Lord Helmet

    The day her left breast seceded from the right.

  6. at first glance, I totally would. But closer inspection yields a terrifying upper face/lower face ration, boobs making a run for it, dark roots, horse feet in heels, man face and SHIT that expression that betrays her dark soul. In other words, run.

  7. I see from Wikipedia that Bethenny Frankel and Nicole Richie have both been clients of the “Tracy Anderson Method.” Suddenly it all makes sense.

  8. “I’m not wearing a jacket.. I just haven’t trimmed my armpit hair in a while.”

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