1. Glada’s head, sure, but on whose body?

  2. George P. Burdell

    Living bobble-head.

  3. She looks like a bobble-head doll with nice tits.

  4. Def Jam

    I wanna bang her while she screams, “Spa-geh-teh!

  5. I hate these Steve Madden ads…

  6. I always thought the joke went…”I asked the genie for a little head.”

  7. Jade

    Living bobblehead doll.

  8. Drop dead sexy and loves to cook? Dream woman.

  9. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    I’d motorboat her while listening to Dean Martin.

  10. Your Huckleberry

    “Focus on the cleavage…please don’t notice my gigantic head.”

  11. “Giggity giggity.”

  12. Jenn

    She’s just like one of those creepy Bratz dolls.

  13. The living embodiment of a five-head

  14. Yeah, I want to suck on those tits all night long.

  15. Wolfy

    It looks like God got lazy and photoshopped her head onto another woman’s body.

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