1. “I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.”

  2. He kinda looks like an old Stephen Colbert.

  3. Def Jam

    “If your happy and you know it, clap your hands!” (side note: The vice-president has his own podium? We live in a sick world. :P)

  4. “…and then I said ‘Condaleeza, you just back that big ol juicy booty right up here”

  5. Anemoneofthestate

    “I swear, it was this big and I took the whole thing, ’cause that’s what you do to get ahead in politics”

  6. Now this first SLIIIDE… shows a very, very interesting thing: our main building. On slide… TWO! We see other view… of… IT! Oh, my God, you wouldn’t believe it!

  7. “For the last fucking time, spay and neuter your pets!”

  8. CK

    ” I swear! Conde would purposely drop her papers and bend over right in front of me to pick them up and it was like THIS BIG!”

  9. Lord Helmet

    I’m telling you I get a boner this big every time I think of trains.

  10. evilstamos

    The correct answer is “What is Jon Hamm’s penis?”

  11. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    On tonight’s episode of Unthawed Caveman Politician…

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