1. You know Jonah Hill just bit hard on his lip while chewing a snickers (King size, of course) looking at this pics…

  2. Def Jam

    “Sorry, I need a surgeon to surgically remove Jonah Hill from my jock. Excuse us.”

  3. Swearin

    Unable to get near the nether regions of the world’s greatest supermodels, this man decided to make use of an intermediary

  4. cmonreally

    “Yeah, you thought you were being funny and that this was all a joke. Now you gotta finish what you started, bitch.”

  5. donkeylicks

    Buy you hang out with Jonah for the better part of a month and it opens all kinds of doors… all kinds.

  6. This is just strange.

  7. “Leo! Leo! It’s such an honor to meet youf…aaf mph rrrff mf ffrrgh ::squish squish squish gag::

  8. Dox

    FFS Jonah, have a little self respect.

  9. Gin&Tonic

    Leo must’ve been three sheets to the wind to mistake John Goodman for a supermodel

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