1. Shae

    Holy self-tanner fail.

  2. Frank Burns

    Those are the biggest Valtrex tablets I’ve ever seen.

  3. You’d think her stylist would have been a bit more subtle about hiding the 1-ton tensile strength cables keeping that outfit together.

  4. Lita

    Too much self-tanner. Kim, even I know you’re supposed to wash your hands after you use self-tanner so your hands don’t turn orange too.

  5. Johnny P!

    Phish: please contact TMZ, CelebSlam, Drunken Stepfather, Amy Grindhouse, TooFab, Bleacher Report, Just Jared, BuzzFeed, Hollywood Tune, DListed, Pop Sugar, IDLYINW. The Fab Life, etc. etc. etc. (I imagine all of you editors madly texting ant Tweeting each other all day long) and put a 6-month moratorium on all things Kardashian. Not a pic, not a word. Like they don’t even exist.
    Since they’re fame-whores, who knows what lengths they’ll go to to get attention?
    When the only people who report on them are People, EW and The National Enquirer, what lengths will thy go to to get a headline?
    And STILL not get one.
    Who’s with me?
    (besides, the ‘getting peed on’ and ‘Sasquatch/Wookie’ jokes in the Comments section are getting a little tired.

  6. Some poor fool has an orange mess in his pants now

  7. JLH is gonna be PISSED that someone’s stealing her fashion/engineering secrets.

  8. Kim K. attributes her natural skin tone to nightly moisturizing with Cheeze-Whiz.

  9. It’s just nice that she doesn’t use Minwax like Christina.

  10. The Pope

    Well it’s a good thing she washed that tanner off her hands, otherwise she’d look ridiculous.

  11. it had to be said

    For once her ass is not the most noticeable thing on her. Nice lips, clown.

  12. Joe Q

    She is in Miami because there are so many “Johns” there. (Vacationing Football players).

  13. Kim Kuntrashian in Miami but her ass is still hanging out in SoCal.

  14. kingofbeer


  15. Snack pack

    Kim, Home Depot called . . .

  16. The Brown Streak

    Well…if you can’t beat them (off)…join them…

  17. cc

    It’s never good to make yourself look a grade 3 students craft project gone awry.

  18. vgirl

    For a moment I thought it was a very bloated looking Sophia Vergara.

  19. Kitty


  20. cc

    Kim Kardashian on a Nasty Sanchez rampage.

  21. BAHAH


  22. Juaquin ingles

    Hmm I think she just forgot to apply her white person makeup.

  23. bigalkie


  24. Joe

    Did she just finish off a bag of Cheetos?

  25. MRF

    Kim’s got so much more free time now that they’ve let the wax statue do her appearances.

  26. Bonky

    There she goes, off to another Urine Party.

  27. As Florida sinks into the Atlantic, from the weight of that ass, California rises from the Pacific.

  28. Biff

    Wait…was I the only one to see the self tanner on her orange finger tips?

  29. Hmm

    wtf is that

  30. shan danger

    well, somebody’s been finger banging an oompa loompa….have we seen snooki??

  31. arnieblackblack

    I’d hit it

  32. just here for laughs

    Her transformation into bright skinned black girl is almost complete…

  33. duddlyDOwrong

    on her way to bible study of course

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