1. Cock Dr

    Isn’t “Jersey Couture” an oxymoron?

  2. Johnny P!

    When a Wal-Mart greeter gets the “Red Carpet Treatment”, it brings a tear to my eye.
    Go, lower-class America, go! You deserve your moment!

  3. phffft...

    Jersey Couture… now that’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. pass the Oxygen please.

  4. ahh Pumba! yes yes yes!

  5. “Jersey Couture”? I guess that’s like “English cuisine.”

  6. DeucePickle

    I’m not a fan of gigantic asses or guts or thighs, but I have to say, she doesn’t look half bad here. I mean, I didn’t know who this was until I read the caption.

  7. JC

    When you say, “O.K., we need to find a new slam beast to put on the Jersey Shore, and Snooki’s contract says we’re not allowed to pick anyone who’s prettier or classier than her,” this is what you get.

  8. Whatever you do, don’t touch her. Her bodily fluids may be just as caustic as her face.

  9. This photo lends further credence to the old adage, “Giant tits alone do not a hottie make.” I think Aristotle said it.

  10. She’s not really clowned up for a change. I like it. I’d demolish that ass.

  11. anon

    No no no guys, it’s Pumbaa!! Kind of like Wookiee, but in Africa, not Kashyyyk.

  12. dontlooknow

    It’s been said before, but bears repeating: “If you put a pig in an ugly dress, it’s still a pig. In an ugly dress.”

  13. I really hate those yard gnomes.

  14. boing

    dick tuck!

  15. it had to be said

    Imagine how embarrassed the Oxygen people were to realize they’d spelled “cooter” wrong.

  16. The face says, ‘I feel sexy,’ while the body says, ‘What do you mean you ran out of Lil’ Smokies already?’

  17. ktulu

    wtf is that thing?

  18. I really think the title of this should be changed to “Shit you wanted to miss”.

  19. Bonky

    If the Pillsbury Poppin’ Fresh doughboy had a daughter and she turned out to be a slut, she would look exactly like Deena Cortese.

  20. The Brown Streak

    The WWE is missing their heavyweight championship belt. Has anyone seen it?

  21. cc

    Starring in ‘Hookers from Mordor’

  22. BAHAH

    OMG is that Danny DeVito?! Oh, wait…

  23. Humpinfrog

    I like how the belt hides the drum seams together. And the woman’s head and breasts, really sell it. Those Mexicans are a clever bunch.

  24. GuyLeDouche

    Lipstick on a pig in this room: turd polishing next door.

  25. Sooo-weee!!! Here, pig, pig pig!!

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