1. Contusion

    If he’s not playing the shorter, more frail, smaller dicked version of John Holmes in the Deep Throat movie, he needs to shave that shit off before he gets hauled in for molesting children whether he did or not.

  2. Wasn’t there a joke a few months back about a Mexican eighth-grader that could be recycled here?

  3. Mickey01232000

    Wow, a broad with a mustache!!

  4. Fjord Landerflanging

    The first Hipster rules them all.

  5. Raoul

    I love watching this guy paint ‘happy little trees’!

  6. Johnny P!

    Tryin’ to get that cool, retro 70′s pornstar look going on, seeing as there are 2 Linda Lovelace bio-pics in production.
    Problem is, the Brown Bag under his arm has donuts in it, not booze, and his other hand’s on his cellphone’s speed-dial to his Mom in Brampton, Ontario should he come across any “shady” characters he comes across.

  7. I swear I bought an 1/8th from this guy back in high school.

  8. “Hey, everybody. Let’s give it up and give a round of applause for Clyde Crashcup…!!!”

  9. Jill

    Note to Micahel Cers: No one knows its PBR if you keep it in a paper bag.

  10. Anyone remember this guy from High School? The wimpy, awkward kid who discovered he could grow a mustache, and so does thinking it will make him cool…but instead looks like a wimpy, awkward kid with a sad mustache?

    Michael Cera looks like he just got done raping that kid.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      Just because he was taking pictures at the playground doesn’t mean he did anything illegal.

  11. Shia

    I’d bang her so hard.

  12. Spedo

    Occupy Sesame Street begins.

  13. Vote For Pedro!

  14. Nik

    What the hell happened to him?! I remember he used to be a cute young lad.

  15. Robin

    Nice pedostache

  16. awww… he looks like he is playing dress up and used his mom’s mascara to make a ‘tache.

  17. George Michael, you’ll need to shave that off before you start your shift at the banana stand.

  18. This guy makes me wonder why we’re all not famous.

  19. Snack pack

    Ernie Kovaks?

  20. The Brown Streak

    Take a look Sidney Crosby…THIS is how you grow a ‘stache…

  21. Snack pack

    John Waters?

  22. cc

    Hey Barney! Barney Miller!

  23. kumquat

    I always wondered what happened to Lyman from the old Garfield comic strips. Guess he just turned into a real life dude and is just making his way in the world like any of us.

  24. Hugh Gentry

    this kid is going to hate himself in 10 years for looking like this.

  25. bigalkie

    The one thought that keeps me from killing myself, has become my mantra. ” At least I’m not Russell Brand, At least I’m not Russell Brand…”

  26. AnnaDraconida

    He is one ugly duckling that will only get uglier.

  27. MRF

    It’s such a shame when ugly people think that making themselves more ugly will make it seem like the ugly is intentional.

  28. noone

    I think he looks great! Infact, he’s inspired me to write a modern version of Herold & Maude :)

  29. kuhkuhkuh

    gene wilder the second

  30. Mamamia

    Little did anyone know, inside the brown bag was (1) bottle of Jergens (2) sock (3) peep-camera designed for toilets.

  31. Bonky

    Michael Cera on the set of the new movie “Michael Cera in Beverly Hills” where he plays the character Michael Cera, which is a Michael Cera type character which is a break away role for him other than his previous roles of playing a “Michael Cera type” character.

  32. Cher X

    Welcome back, Mr. Kottahhhhh….

  33. Eggs

    Sometime in the future, he might make a great Niles in a Frasier movie.

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