1. JC

    That’s some….umm….auuughhh side booooob….

  2. Somewhere in England, a nurse is helping type “I’d blacken her hole with my cyber dick” on Stephen Hawking’s computer.

  3. Looks like the tree saw her coming and popped a little wood.

  4. El Jefe

    Those boobs.

  5. turd da third

    Nice big boobs, shame about the little face..

    • Hey, Fish. You might want someone to double check this blog for you. Several people are surfing around here with severe eye damage, possibly just shy of blindness.

  6. She looks gorgeous dressed up, as opposed to a bikini covering 1/18 of her bergina

  7. Sliver

    It’s a joke with this broad…you should see her walking down the runway, smiling because her tits bounce the entire way. I don’t think she ever wears a bra.

  8. The TROOF


  9. Mike Walker

    Slowly transforming into Anna Nicole Smith

  10. neo_v

    again…Kanye was hitting this…..

  11. ^ nope. Wrong girl.

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