1. karlito

    he must love those threesomes with Anna and the multitude of hot girls that like banging with celebs.

  2. She looks like she’s on the Posh Spice lemon-and-water diet.

  3. He knows he’s not REALLY a vampire, right?

  4. Telonius

    Blue Steel

  5. KC

    Rouge never should have married a vampire. This is why I hate crossovers!

  6. Buffalo Chips

    Stephen: What do you mean this isn’t a wax statue?!
    Anna: What do you mean this is the real guy?!

  7. Sookie kills Bill in book 6, so look forward to that next season.

    Spoiler Alert. wait, did I do that wrong?

  8. Beautiful couple. I love “True Blood” with all of my heart.

  9. First Time

    I’m really surprised you didn’t go with the full length shot where you could see her panties through the slits in her dress.

  10. John Travolta

    Little to much drama here….

  11. villenuv27

    Zoom in on her armpit and then rotate your screen 45 degrees counter clockwise. Good times.

  12. Nik

    I have never seen such a douchey looking couple in my life. I can tell by looking at them they’re just awful.

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