1. Looks like she was bumping uglies with Kim K’s psoriasis

  2. did brody dress himself?

  3. Well, of course he’s scoring that. His pickup line is now an economical four words: “I have an Oscar”.

  4. Emo Philips must be getting some high class trim these days being mistaken for him.

  5. The Pope

    A smirk that says ” Old enough to be her father…and I don’t give a damn!”

  6. Cock Dr

    Whether it’s love or money everyone here looks happy.

  7. Buffalo Chips

    First rule of escorting: Keep smiling no matter what or who.

  8. Judy Tenuda is holding up pretty good. But Emo Phillips has seen better days!

  9. The girl is hot, at least.

  10. JoeyJoJo

    In Hollywood, a girl like that doesn’t even get her name listed. See, rest of America? This is why those of us in LA consider you all fat and ugly.

  11. You know what they say about guys with big noses…

  12. Adrien Who gives a flip, Look at that chick!!

  13. Apparently size DOES matter. Nose size, I mean.

  14. journalschism

    “Screech With An Oscar” pulls this kind of tail just because it’s Tuesday. Nothing to see here.

  15. Mista Snazzy

    Does he go to the same Russian “Dating” Service as Russell Simmons?

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