1. they sent the blonde girl because she can do things with ping pong balls. That’s my guess.

  2. Juch

    Are you certain those are SI models? I’m pretty sure they waited on my table at a Hooters in Indianapolis last weekend.

  3. Yo

    “Ping Pong”, or as the Chinese say, “Ping Pong”

  4. Buffalo Chips

    Obviously, me and Sports Illustrated greatly differ in our definition of ‘Swimsuit Model’.

  5. Thought this was Jamie Chung, but an acceptable substitute nonetheless.

  6. claire

    If these girls are SI swimsuit model material… I need to try out!

  7. I’d love to watch that blond chick workout.

    seriously, she needs to do some crunches.

  8. So pudgy chick can be SI swimsuit models now? Does Lena Dunham know about this?

  9. That blonde is fucking scrumptious. Her love handles make her even more beautiful, IMHO.

  10. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Shooting ping pong balls for accuracy or raw distance?

  11. nik

    They’re both so painfully average looking.

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