1. “You liberals are fucking crazy! You don’t GET it!”

  2. nope.
    nothing too sane looking in this padded cell.

  3. Someone check his basement, NOW!

  4. This guy is relevant as Bob Dylan’s tuning fork.

  5. Hey, Cha Cha….
    Anyone? I’m Dennis Miller. I was on SNL.
    Fine. Would you like the side salad or rice pilaf with your order?

  6. Buffalo Chips

    Can’t believe I used to watch his show on HBO. I was so young back then.



    ps I LOVE KIDS

  8. Tony Torrance

    Somebody hurry up and REDRUM that motherfucker, please.

  9. Psuedo intellectual clown and fraud with a BA from a university that is worse than most community colleges.

  10. C’mon, he has one talent! Let’s see you manufacture that much smugness out of absolutely nothing!

  11. Where’s Pinky?

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Dennis’s face betrays the fact he’s more than familiar with the short step that separates the Tom Ford Cocktail Party from the Betty Ford Rehab Center.

  13. Just how many of Mr. Ford’s cocktails have you had Mr. Miller?

  14. I haven’t seen a beard that pathetic since Liza’s last wedding.

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