1. B&WMinstrel

    Winnie the Pooh still looks good, can’t say the same about Paddington.

  2. karlito

    he’s looking for John Mayer who stole his outfit the other day

  3. guttboy

    I wonder how much he pays to look this shitty….

  4. Depp: I’m so cold.
    Man: We need more scarves & hats!
    Nurse: We need more scarves & hats!
    Depp: I’m so hot!
    Nurse: I think he has too many scarves & hats!
    Man: Fewer scarves & hats!
    Depp: I’m hot and cold at the same time!
    Nurse: He needs more scarves & hats and he needs less scarves & hats!
    Man: I’m afraid you’re right.

  5. If I saw him walking down the street I’d be tempted to give him my pocket change.

  6. Damn – he’s making Keith Richards look good.

  7. Buffalo Chips

    C’mon Johnny, no matter what they say you can’t screw them all. And that last one was a guy.


    Sad that such a talent is also such a clown.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  9. Seriously that is probably $10K worth of clothes to look like a homeless man.

  10. What a dipsh*t. This is what too much money and no editor will do to a person.

  11. “Quick! Get this man some accessories! He’s going through withdrawal”

  12. bigalkie

    Let me guess.. You’re a HUGE Steven Tyler fan?

  13. He is in a bad way if he needs Prince Charles to help him get around….

  14. namevisible

    well that’s nice of that guy to help that gypsy lady cross the street.

  15. “Where are you taking me?”
    “To do another shitty pirate movie!”

  16. Depp Tyler Mayer Brand clusterfuck

  17. ID#2451

    Isn’t that Russell Crowe?

  18. Done so many pirate movies, he doesn’t know how to walk anymore.

  19. anon

    Depp so derrrrrrrrp

  20. journalschism

    May the ghost of Anthony Quinn guide you…

  21. lori

    Look out. Homeless drunk man passing through.

  22. “alright Mr. Depp, let’s dance …..I’ll lead”

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